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Since 2010, Descasio Ltd has relentlessly pursued its objective of improving and simplifying IT for SMBs. Descasio has helped an organization in reducing its IT costs and cut out the IT hassles, improve collaboration. Our managed services help organizations of all sizes dramatically improve employee productivity and focus on key business operations by removing the need for expertise and cost of expensive IT infrastructure and personnel. We are well aware of the workload and day-to-day challenges faced by IT personnel & managers.

Descasio has its focus on delivering high-end performance IT solutions that bring together ease of use, operational & data security, flexibility, ability to scale on demand when workload increases, cost competitive solutions, ability to automate tasks by creating workflows and allowing you to focus on value-added business work.

Descasio Ltd is a prominent cloud brokerage firm focused on delivering enterprise cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes. We are a 100% cloud organization and a proud partner of Google, Microsoft, and AWS. Our employees are some of the foremost experienced professionals in the platform we support - Cloud Developers, Solutions Specialists, Architects, Change Management Specialists, Enterprise Sales Specialists and User Adoption consultants.   While transitioning your business, we understand that change management and professional development training is extremely important for a successful migration.

Descasio’s change management & training team helps increase your user adoption, reduce loss of productivity and disruptions to your business and conduct practical training to enhance your staff's successful transition.

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Forward moving products

Cloud services

We are Cloud experts, we”ll provide your business with cloud solutions that’ll help you run it with confidence as you focus on your business priorities. Be rest assured that you’ll get the most out of your business when you run in the Cloud with us as your partner.

Managed services

IT team or not, we manage your IT infrastructure and provide the required IT needs and support to ensure your business is technology driven to excellence. We attend to your IT needs in areas ranging from hardware, software, internet access and development of the infrastructure itself.

Anything as a Service (XaaS)

Our XaaS platform help businesses overcome other business challenges, leveraging on our expertise and unparalleled experience in technology to proffer the most suitable IT solution in diverse areas such as disaster recovery,application hosting, training, storage and consulting.

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Why Descasio

Technology That’s Unique to Your Business.

At Descasio, there are no cookie cutter solutions because we understand each organization has different needs and peculiar challenges. Our cloud solutions are adapted to your specific needs to optimize overall business performance.

Forward Thinking. Future Ready.

We show you a better way to do IT today and a new way to do business for success now and in the future.

Technology Without The Hassles.

We align our cloud solutions with your business needs to help you always drive positive business outcomes.

Scalable. Flexible. Cost-Friendly.

With us, you instantly see a reduction in your IT costs; you experience the power of innovating without limits and enjoy the benefits that come with seamless business operations.